About us

Although unofficially started in 2018, Obsession 4 Perfection was founded in August of 2023. After years of hard work and dedication, the founder Steven Jeffers left Elite Sports Agency (a company he started in 2003) to start this new adventure. Steven had the opportunity to represent both professional athletes and coaches and had successfully negotiated over 100 professional contracts. It was in 2018 that he decided to combine his two passions, business and cars, and create Obsession 4 Perfection.
The goal of Obsession 4 Perfection is to provide car enthusiasts with high-quality detailing products that are easy to use and produce professional results. Our products are not just for professional detailers, but for anyone who takes pride in maintaining the appearance of their car.
We believe that our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and passion for cars sets us apart from other detailing brands. We are constantly researching and testing new products to ensure that we are offering the best products to our customers.

Our product line includes everything from car wash soap to eventually the release of our exclusive line products including nano ceramic coating. We even offer specialized products for specific surfaces such as leather and exclusive 2&1 products that is designed to be the only product you need for any car event you may attend. Our products are made with high-quality ingredients and very strict manufacturing guidelines. 
In addition to our product line, we also offer tips and tutorials on our website to help customers achieve the best results when using our products. We want our customers to feel confident and satisfied with their purchase.
Obsession 4 Perfection is more than just a company, it's a community of car enthusiasts who share the same passion for cars. We are always seeking feedback and suggestions from our customers to ensure that we are meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.
In the future, we hope to expand our product line and continue to provide the best possible products for our customers. We also plan on partnering with car clubs and also event organizers to further establish ourselves within the car community.

At Obsession 4 Perfection, we are not just selling products, we are selling an experience. We want our customers to feel the same joy and satisfaction we get from detailing our own cars. Join us on our journey to perfection, because here at Obsession 4 Perfection, perfection is not just a goal, it's an obsession.
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