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Obsession 4 Perfection was founded in August of 2023, although it unofficially started in 2018, when a lot the research took place. It was our goal to offer premium products at a fair value, or there would be no need for us in this market. We did not want to be just one more brand. It took time to find the right chemist and manufacturer that understood our expectations. We wanted to be made in America by American workers. We did not want to be a white label company, where you have no say on the product quality. We wanted to have our own products to meet and exceed our customers expectations. 

The founder, Steven Jeffers, always has had a passion for cars, even as a young child. He used to enjoy going outside and detailing his mother's car. 
Throughout his life, cars have been one of his biggest passions. While attending Saint Leo University to pursue his degree in Business Administration, he went on to start his own company, Elite Sports Agency. He had the opportunity to represent both professional coaches and athletes as a sports agent. He successfully negotiated over 100 professional athletes contracts and represented some of the best athletes in their respective sports. Although Steven was living his dream as a sports agent, he felt something was missing, his childhood passion. The long days and unpredictable hours as a sports agent took time away from his other passion, cars. Steven eventually left the company and started to focus on building a brand that he felt was truly authentic. This was the birth of Obsession 4 Perfection.

As a car guy, Steven knows what it is like to take pride in one's ride. It does not matter the make or model; Steven feels that if a car care product is used correctly, it will help increase the overall value of any car. Many people don't realize this is true until they are trading in a vehicle, or when their car is involved in an auto accident and deemed a total loss. The Total Loss Condition Report is written as if the car was not involved in an accident. By not maintaining a vehicle, you run the risk of having an accident and leaving money on the table. The same holds true when trading in or selling a car privately. When buying premium car care products and using them correctly, a car owner has the ability to increase the overall value of the vehicle. 

It is likely that your vehicle is the second most expensive asset you may own. Why not protect it? While it is true that most cars depreciate in value, there is a significant monetary difference between a well-maintained vehicle and a neglected one.  
At Obsession 4 Perfection, we will always strive to provide the best products at the best value possible. We want to be your go-to brand when it comes to detailing products. We see you as family, while others may see you just as a number. Thank you for supporting us and for being a vital part of our Obsession 4 Perfection family.
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