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Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray Free Gift 1 Premium Microfiber towel

Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray Free Gift 1 Premium Microfiber towel

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Step into the world of unparalleled ceramic spray protection with Our Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray - a game-changer in the realm of car care products. Renowned for its exceptional performance and unmatched results, Our Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray stands out as one of the best ceramic sprays available on the market today.

Independently tested and proven to excel in blind tests, Our Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray emerged as the clear favorite, with 95% of participants choosing it over major ceramic spray brands for its ultra slick and smooth feel, as well as its long-lasting durability. With just a simple buff-on and buff-off application, you can achieve an ultra slick, hydrophobic finish in mere minutes, elevating your car's appearance to a whole new level.

Not just a pretty face, Our Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray goes beyond aesthetics to provide high gloss and durable protection, complete with UV blockers to safeguard your vehicle's finish from the sun's harmful rays. Say goodbye to water spots, food stains, and stubborn grime - Our Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray creates a protective barrier that repels unwanted elements, keeping your car looking pristine for longer.

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend allowing at least 1 hour of cure time before exposing your vehicle to water, and 48 hours before washing it. For best results, apply Our Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray in a cool, shaded, and well-ventilated area to maximize its effectiveness and longevity.

Experience the difference with Our Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray and discover the power of advanced ceramic technology at your fingertips. Elevate your car care routine with a product that delivers exceptional results every time, leaving your vehicle with a showroom-worthy finish that turns heads wherever you go. Trust in quality, trust in excellence - choose Our Perfectly Obsessed Ceramic Spray for a level of protection and shine that will leave you perfectly obsessed.



* Quick hydrophobic protection

*  Extremely concentrated high-active formula 

* High long-term gloss 

* Color rejuvenation 

* Water repellency

* Used as a booster for nanoceramic-coated cars with 3-5 years of coatings

* In most cases, it will last up to 3-6 months  


Color of Chemical: Organic Black 

Scent: Black Ice 



Can adhere to any surface: Metal, clear coat, gel coat, plastic, glass, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or polycarbonate (PC), wood, and rubber.


Shake well prior to use

1: Make sure the surface is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

2: Lightly mist the surface of the vehicle or spray the product directly onto a clean microfiber towel.

3: Rub the product onto the surface with the moist side of the microfiber towel.

4: Lightly buff the surface using the dry side of the microfiber towel.

5: If the surface shows a slight haze, continue to lightly buff until clear.

6: Let the product cure for 4 hours before getting wet and 48 hours before washing.


For Best Results for ease of application:

Work in small areas 2x2 sections. Rub the product into the surface using the moist side of the microfiber towel and immediately flip the microfiber towel to the dry side and lightly buff off. 




Hazard Statement

Causes mild skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. 

This product is not for consumption, do not swallow. It could also cause serious eye irritation. It is recommended to wear eye-protective gear and gloves while applying this product. Wash your hands thoroughly after use. 

First Aid

If swallowed, call the poison control or see a physician immediately. If you have a skin rash, wash with soap and water. A follow-up appointment with a doctor may be necessary and or even seeking urgent care treatment. If the product gets in your eyes, rinse continuously for 15 minutes. If you wear contact lenses, remove them and continue rinsing continuously for 15 minutes.  If irritation persists, seek medical treatment with your physician or urgent care. If you have inhaled this product, go to a well-ventilated area for more comfortable breathing. 

This product includes:

Poluy Amino Functional Siloxane, Hydroxy Terminated, Styrene Copolymer Emulsion, Isotridecanol, Branched, Ethoxylated, 2-Phenoxyethano and Carbitol



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